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It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise which is a research and development, manufacture and sales of electrical and electrical products of Grette Group Co., Ltd..
■ flowers rich electrician has a number of wall switches, sockets specializing in the production of factories, production capacity is rich, with a perfect switch socket accessories self-supporting capacity.
■ blooming wealthy electrician has excellent marketing team, innovative marketing ideas and marketing network throughout the country, channel construction said Zhen perfect. Excellent channel resources and the terminal network throughout the country for the rich expansion of the provision of a strong market base.
■ In order to improve the management level, to build a full range of competitive advantages, spend a wealth of electrical construction of a comprehensive enterprise information management platform, the successful implementation of the ERP enterprise resource management system, PDM product development management system, PCP collaborative office platform system, HR human resources management system. Information construction so that the management of enterprises and means to achieve a qualitative leap forward, and promote the scientific decision-making and modernization of enterprises.
■ future blooming wealthy electrician will rely on innovative product design and advanced marketing concepts to achieve value-added with the upstream and downstream value chain, while the management team and employees can reflect the self-worth, there is expected a reasonable return. Fugui electrician will rely on the strategy, team, product three core competencies, continue to promote the rapid growth of enterprises and brands for the national consumer to create a stylish, healthy terminal electrical products!


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